I have set a deadline for myself to finish a section of my background section by this Wednesday.  It’s the most difficult section I’ve had to right thus far.  It’s very multi-disciplinary.  Reading for this section has been very frustrating.  Similar words are used from different disciplines to mean different things.  I hate this.  I find myself doing other things instead of reading.  Why?  It’s hard.  So what?  Just sit your ass down and read.  It’s no fun.  Well that might be it.  Technical academic writing is dry.  Why couldn’t they make it more entertaining?  Why do I always need to be entertained?  Do I have ADD?  Where has my discipline gone?  I keep eating.  That is super bad.  I hate this.  I wish I could wake up tomorrow morning and I was miraculously done this section.  Forget this section, I wish I woke and tomorrow morning there was a Masters degree under my pillow.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful?  It would be from the Masters fairy.  Instead of leaving her a tooth under your pillow you leave her your… what could I give her?  My candy wrappers?  I don’t know.  It’s gotten so bad that I’m blogging again for God’s sake!  I think someone is going to have to staple my ass to my chair.  I need to be forced to do this.  Someone has to sit outside my room and force me to stay there until I’m done.  Uggggh!!!  I hate this.


Just got home from seeing this movie.  I was planning on seeing the movie because it was filmed in Winnipeg and some friends of mine were extras.  Tipu was the one who actually noticed it started playing.

The movie is about a single mom bringing her teenage son to America (Amreeka).  They come at a pretty bad time, when the States are just starting their fight in Iraq.  The movie is very… quiet and simple, I would say it’s quiet and intimate.  It stirred up a lot of emotions in me.  The first thing I did once I got home was watch an episode of the Hills to dilute my brain out.  I needed some froth badly.  The movie left me a little nauseous.  First off, why can’t people open a map?  Why can’t they learn a few countries?  Why not?  Is it because they believe they are the center of the world?  Every other culture looks at education as a blessing where as Westerners some how look at it as a chore.  Perhaps the education system has bleached all the joy out of learning.  Who knows.  *sigh*  Secondly, how angry would I be if my kid went to fight a war under false pretenses?  I don’t even understand how some people must be feeling right now.  I would lose it.  Thirdly seeing how there was violence in the school as a result of wars elsewhere, it just was the most horrible recursive function I could think of.  It’s bad enough people suffer across the world but then it’s in your home, it’s in your marraige, it’s in your kids… it’s everywhere and there’s no inoculation for it.  This is not a feel good movie.  I’m glad it was made though.


I read all four books recently.  The first two books were kind of difficult to get through.  I found them whiny and slow.  The last two were really good though.  The ending was slightly disappointing, all that talk of a battle and then nothing.

what i learned at work this summer

This summer I worked full time at a place.  A nice place.  Although the technical elements did provide me with useful experience I learned the most from the people at this place.

There was a man on my floor who’s nothing but sunshine.  He’s upbeat, he’s an achiever he just gets all his stuff done with a smile on his face and has the energy and ability to make others smile too.  You’d never know his wife is struggling with a very difficult disease.  I had an opportunity to watch him and his wife interact and even in large groups it’s like there’s no one else.  They value each other so much.  He taught me that what ever shit you have going on you can still manage it. 

I met another guy from marketing.  He did a presentation that made a lot of sense.  He said “perception is reality”.  It doesn’t matter what kind of statistics are out there, what product or service you provide, what people perceive to be the truth is what makes customers react favourably or not.  Perception is a physical force.  The most important force in many cases.  People have such busy lives and are so distracted that there’s very little time to fact check.  You need to control your image and make sure what you put out there about your service or product is what they hear most and consequently accept.